About Us…

As wine lovers in general, and lovers of wines from the Czech Republic specifically – yes, the wonderful Czechs are not just good at brewing (the best !) beers in the World (and they are the World number 1 per capita consumers of beer !) – we wanted to spread some of the love for alcoholic  beverages about a bit….

If we can make a bit of lucre while we do it – so much the better !

This site is dedicated to offering you what we consider to be the best offers around where the tools, equipment, furniture and even just the means of holding the wine without it dribbling through your fingers (wine glasses that is..) are concerned. Sorry but no links to the actual liquid itself – shame on us…

At this time we have links only to Amazon.com , but in the future we intend to offer top quality, top value products from other sources too.

We also intend to provide links to sites and videos which we consider to be useful in terms of appreciating good wines (how to store wines, how to serve wines etc.) to other wine lovers.

So – Enjoy !


p.s. If you have any comments or suggestions about the site or the products offered – please use the Contact Us link below.